Why Choose Us?

In an increasingly complex world, the notion of life time jobs are days of the past, guaranteed government pensions funds may not be sufficient to cover retirement expenses and inflation moves faster than wage rates hikes, we have to take a higher personal financial responsibility. With a large array of financial instruments globally, it is more important than ever to obtain financial literacy. Recognizing this need, we at Investor Ed aim to empower our participants with the knowledge and skills to make better decisions that will lead to financial freedom. 

We provide a distinctive investment short courses focused on giving participants a thorough and clear understanding of finance and economics to assist them to financial success.  We offer basic courses to help participants understand the different asset classes, debt risks and economic indicators to get a lead on where the financial markets are moving. For those who understand the fundamentals of finance, we have advance training courses in technical analysis to for our participants to grasp timing and momentum trading. 

Our investment courses are easy to understand for novice and experienced investors through a step by step format.  We have taught students to professional to homemakers and retirees. Everyone can learn the concepts and apply them when making financial decisions. 

To succeed in the present day financial system, knowing the ABC’s of economics and finance is a must.

Start your journey to financial freedom with us today….