Individual Testimonials

“This testimonial is an expression of thanks and to state that the investment strategies and trading techniques I learnt from the investment courses Fundamental Analysis, Technical Analysis and Japanese Candlestick Charting taught by Mr. Robert Tay at the Singapore Exchange (SGX) proved to be extremely useful and profitable for investing in the Singapore Stock Market and the Malaysian Stock Market. 

The investment profits I made from the Singapore and the Malaysian markets in 2003-2007 allowed me to buy tow residential properties which I rent out. The rental income has given me financial freedom and I am able go on to an early retirement”

- Mr. Wong Boon Twee, Retiree

Institutional Testimonials

“The series of lectures were very well received as acknowledged by the very positive feedback from all the seminar participants and their requests on the possibility of engaging Mr. Tay to teach investment courses in the near future."

- Mr. Millie R Matias, Country Manager, Reuters

“Mr. Tay’s investment courses have been well received by the investing public and course participation have given very positive feedback on the courses.”

- Mr. Lesley Kwek, Vice president, Education Department, SGX